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MCP05 - Workflow

Every SubChain needs to have some kind of workflow - otherwise the SubChain is without functionality and useless. The different workflows can range from currency based transaction, voting, alias, messaging service and so on. Below you find a categorization in which the different workflow modules can be split up.
The workflows are loaded like the MCP04 PoPs in a factory design pattern. In order to launch a new subchain, the requested workflows from the genesis block must be present, otherwise this subchain will not synchronize. Workflows can be added later into an existing subchain by issuing a special command through the TCT Blockchain by the subchain owner.

Every SubChain must have a category 1 workflow present in order for the MCP04 PoP to work. Every MCP05 registers their categories and network bits into the SubChain Manager to be able to receive and send network commands.
A SubChain can contain 1,n Workflows

List of categories:
  1. Chain Entity (e.g. transaction based currency)
  2. Voting
  3. Alias
  4. Messaging Services
  5. Smart Contract Engines
  6. tba
  7. tba
  8. tba
  9. other
MCP05 is under heavy development and information / implementation can change. More information about development and stubs will be posted here soon
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